Hannah Gay Keao

Pronouns: she/her/hersI am a mother, executive business leader, and part time city councilwoman who uses strategic market growth and inclusive action to transform market, policy, and people-centered outcomes. At work, at home, and in our communities.Always values-driven and results-focused, I have worked at or with Teach For America, Alt School, Slalom, Village Capital, Water For People, She Should Run, and more.

My value to your team:

  • I make organizations work. I’ve led clients to 200% year-over-year revenue growth, 300% growth in market reach and increased internal NPS (accurate predictor of long term employee retention) of employees by 30 points (this is huge).

  • I establish and manage systems so people can do their jobs. While at NFTE, I set up both a Salesforce CRM and new data tracking systems so we spent less time managing data and more time using it. This resulted in over double revenue growth in earned income, way less time spent on data entry, a happier team, and continued increases in program outcomes.

  • I get sh** done. I never let perfect get in the way of good enough, especially when it comes to decision making and behind-the-scenes work.

  • People like and respect me, and in turn they follow. I have won leadership awards, always achieved high results from direct reports in my management capabilities.

  • I have spent over a decade at executive tables. My clients for years have been busy executives being advised and directed by other busy executives. I have presented to and met with former cabinet members, extremely high net-wealth individuals of all walks, grassroots community leaders and more. I know how to plan for a one hour meeting and pivot into the fifteen minutes we end up having. And I even know how to get board members to actually read the prep materials in advance. I can raise money, launch products and services, and close deals.