Hannah Gay Keao

Hannah liberates executives from chaos: Fractional Chief of Staff, GM, Head of Ops & Social Impact Advisor
Pronouns: she/her

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Hannah helps executives make money and do good: She guides growth, organizational effectiveness, and social impact toward profitability and sustainability.Having led transformation for thousands – if not millions – of individuals and the entities that change their lives, Hannah brings nearly twenty years' experience to the table leading market and revenue expansion via organizational effectiveness, go-to-market and growth strategy, strategic planning, and positioning DEI, ESG, CSR and purpose as value generators – not cost centers.As a Fractional Chief of Staff, GM, and Head of Ops, Hannah provides leverage and accountability for overextended executives, integrating the short term outcomes she led as a consultant into small and mid-sized companies' longer-term DNA.Hannah launched her career as a corps member at Teach For America, earned her BA at Wesleyan University and MBA at the Kellogg School of Management, and has worked at or with leading purpose-driven VC/PE funds, companies, and nonprofits including LinkedIn, Alt School, Slalom, Village Capital, Water For People, and She Should Run.Email her to partner today:

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